agosto 17, 2019
8:00 pm

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Peregrine’s quest for outstanding Central Otago wine begins in the three distinct sub-regions from which we draw our fruit: Bendigo, Pisa and Gibbston, where our landmark winery rises up amongst rugged rock reefs and ancient hills.

In each of these locations, our commitment to organic farming and viticulture guarantees fruit of the highest quality, imparting the clearest expression of character to every vintage.

Time and space

The vintner’s art lies in capturing the essence of a place and time. Beginning with the vine itself, we believe the land speaks more clearly, the closer we listen.

Peregrine’s viticulture philosophy is grounded in working with the plants’ myriad natural systems and their relationships to the environment in order to produce exceptional fruit.

We encourage deeper rooting by not feeding vines synthetic fertilisers at the surface. This approach strengthens drought tolerance and preserves soil quality, while increasing root area, in turn lifting the influence of soil on fruit flavour. Compost carefully brewed from surrounding ingredients, including pomace and manure from animals grazing on-site, nourishes the soil through an efficient natural cycle. Partnering with sustainable fruit growers, Peregrine seeks out suppliers who understand the connection between great wine and nurturing the land that provides it.

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